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Our Story

37 Minutes is the product of collaboration and virtual coworking sessions between Amy Fridhi, Kelly Murphy, and Melissa Burgio. Three entrepreneurs, two in Greater Boston, and one in Florida, discovered the value of virtual coworking when they met at a conference and wanted to continue to work on a project together after returning home.

The three now regularly host and attend virtual coworking sessions and have significantly increased their focus and productivity.

During one coworking session, they realized that more people should have access to these super-productive sessions. After some brainstorming, a lot of planning, and some late nights, 37 Minutes was born!

Our Mission

To revolutionize the way independent professionals work by offering a seamless virtual coworking experience that transcends geographical boundaries. We envision a future where entrepreneurs can connect, create, and flourish without limitations, leveraging focused work time and a vibrant community to realize their full potential. 

By choosing 37 Minutes, you are selecting more than just a virtual coworking space. You are entering a vibrant ecosystem where collaboration knows no bounds, innovation thrives, and success is redefined on your terms. Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching a startup, a solopreneur carving your niche, or a digital nomad seeking connection, we pledge to empower you with the tools, community, and support needed to reach new heights in your journey.

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